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Such is the way of the world; you can never know...

...just where to put all your faith, and how will it grow

Gwyddon, with a Z
7 November 1981

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29. Scorpio. Tallish. Wizardy. Geekish. Artsy. Blap.

~ Graduate of Full Sail, with an "Assy of Science" in Show Production & Touring ~
~ Traveller, Dreamer, Writer, Observer, Contemplater of the Universe ~
~ Coffee Nerd, Sound Wizard, Light Geek ~
~ Androgynous Polyamourous Magnanimous & Nebulous ~
~ Artsy & Crafty, Imaginative & Technical, Multifaceted Creative Bastard Extraordinaire ~
~ Seventh-Level Master of Tweeting While Pooping ~
~ Collector of hermit crabz, faeriez, rainbowz, starz, gadgetz, yarnz & boox ~

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being alive is love

brought to you by the isLove Generator

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androgyny, anne of green gables, astrology, astronomy, audio production, b-sides, backpacking, bass guitar, beautiful eyes, big amps, big wreck, blue lights, boots, brad, camping, caribbean, cats, cheese, chocolate, chris cornell, concerts, corduroy, crochet, dan lesac vs scroobiuspip, dancing like a nerd, daydreaming, dr dog, draco veritas, eddie vedder, europe, exploring, faeries, film production, florida, foreign countries, foreign cultures, four quarters, frogs, full sail, galaxies, george carlin, good fanfiction, green river, grunge rock, guitars, halloween, harry potter, hermit crabs, hiking, hippies, human interest, ian thornley, integrity, intelligent people, italian food, japanese food, leafyness, legos, lesbians, lighting, lily allen, live sound, love, lyric writing, making arstsy things, making out, mark lanegan, mother love bone, mountains, muppets, music, natural magic, nature, nonconformists, ocean, outer space, paradigm of uncertainty, peace, pearl jam, philadelphia, piano, planets, polyamoury, progressive movements, pt cruisers, pumpkin pie, pussy, radiohead, reading, recording music, red hair, relaxation, road trips, rock, rockets, scooters, screaming trees, seattle, sex, sexuality, sifl & olly, singing, smashing pumpkins, snuggli pajamas, snuggliness, social activism, social justice, sock puppets, soft blankets, soundgarden, spaceships, sparkliness, stars, stone gossard, strange modern british music, technical theatre, the draco trilogy, the letter z, thinking, transformers, transgender, travel, typos, uniqueness, veterans for peace, w00t deh d00t, w00tz & z00tz, warm weather, web design, weird hair colours, welsh, welsh language, wicca, witches, wizardry, wizards