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Greetingz, eLJay Land!

I have been far too busy to keep up with anything lately, even Twitter or FB or calls to friends/family back east. For that I apologize, but most of it has been the good kind of busy, and for that I am rather grateful. It's been wonderful building a new life out herein Seattle. :D The new job is going great, they're very pleased with me thus far, and I look forward to when my health benefits kick in as of September. My freaking tour injury has been flaring up badly lately, and I have a kink in my neck today that even after 3 Advil and a massage, can only be described as Evil.

Other than that, though, life is going very well!

I have a few kickass roommates lined up for the fall, my friendships and relationships here are growing stronger, I'm getting out and enjoying life far more now that the weather is nicer and I have a paycheck, and Seattle is really feeling like home in a wonderful way. I belong here. And I know the best is most certainly ahead. :D

I'd like to be getting more audio gigs, but I'm making some good connexionz & taking better care of myself health & well-being wise, which is something that really needed to be made a priority before I fully jump back in to the physical/mental strain that tech work often entails. I've been able to mix some friend's bands and have some fun random gigs here & there, but ultimately I would love to get in with a place like The Moore Theatre or Carlson Audio, and hope they will accept someone with my weird, sporadic bouts of experience and general inability to lift much. I have the training, the ears, the degree, and the willingness to kick ass and take names, and a great reputation growing from the gigs I have done so far. It's actually king of exciting! Once I get some of these health issues in check, I will be far more ready to take on more challenges/awesomeness in my actual field.

Also, now that I have a steady day job and can afford to do things again, I will be going to a lot more random shows, networking and talking to venue staff about getting some (hopefully steady) gigs. I would love to transition into full-time audio without it just being a nightmare of chasing leads & paychecks that freelancing was back east. I'm just gonna keep working hard at the cafe for now, enjoy Having an Actual Income again & not having to live off the food bank, and see what kinds of opportunities come up. I'm thinking a lot about getting into the Admin end of show biz, too... I have proven experience as an office assistant to busy execs, even though it was a long time ago. Keeping an ear to the ground for positions of that nature; perhaps for studios or Seattle's various theatre groups and larger venues that have their own in-house support staff. I'm kinda good (or at least better than I thought at weaseling my way into random opportunities like that when I put my mind to it. I need to draw up a better resume & get a few more ducks in a row, but it's definitely a Big Evil Plan I aim to hatch on the soon side. The cafe job rocks for now, but I know I can do better, and do something a bit more in line with my long-term goals overall.

I still want to open my own cafe/venue someday. I want to be able to make my bills without stressing, have insurance & healthcare, and actually save up for travel and rainy days. Just covering the basics like that seems like far too much of a strain for everyone these days, especially with so many out of work. My primary is really having a rough time on his job search, and I am trying to be as supportive as possible. I was in the same boat not long ago, and know how badly it can wear on you, and how easy it is to feel useless and alone. I worry about him a lot, and hope something will come through for him very soon.

The best anyone can really do though, is just keep on going. Keep on trying to move forward. Keep on remembering that things really are going to get better, even when it seems hopeless.

It's been a hell of a bumpy ride... just life in general these past few years, and transitioning into life in Seattle. Learning and growing often come with a lot of pain and hard realities. But I am proud to say that I am making my way through them *Like a Boss* for the most part. ;) I've certainly made mistakes and not handled certain things as well as I wish I had, but in the grand scope of things, Life is Getting Better All The Time. And I have A LOT to look forward to.

It helps to remember that. :)



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