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Life Bizness...

I most certainly need to write more. I've had kind of a braincloud lately, and haven't known what to say about life other than the brief flashes of inspiration that come to me in the moments between being awake and asleep.

I've been eating healthier (oddly, considering how broke I've been) sleeping better (even more oddly, considering stress levels & generally displeased I've been with certain circumstances) and really enjoying the company of the awesome people in my life. There's been a lot of changes since I last wrote, several of which I am still definitely adjusting to and really dunno what to say about just yet.

And right now there is a cute little brown rat on me that belongs to a boy named Kai that I am quite happy to know. She is nibbling at the lint on my sock and generally being adorable. I just put her on Kai's head. :D

Last night, I did sound for a friend's band called Bourgeios Bulletwound. It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I went out for it. I needed a night much like that. We went to the poly-owned Night Kitchen downtown and enjoyed the HIZZELL out of some amazing f00dz afterwardz. People were buying me drinks & saying it was the best the band has ever sounded. I don't think I would go that far... ;) but it's certainly nice to be appreciated and the kind words & good reviews mean a lot to me.

Right now I am chilling @ what we have affectionately called "The Church of Bob Ross", which is the Central District apartment of Kai, Jennifer, and Kris. I'm very grateful for their friendship & understanding during a time that's been full of stress & tumultuous adjustments for me. They and the people at The Thicket, which is the place I've been staying at since May 1st, have really made a huge difference. I can't even say how much.

Just glad to be surrounded by genuinely good humanz & moving forward. I was really stuck there for awhile, but the weather's getting nicer, I had a great interview on Friday plus 2 more coming up this week, 2 job fairs to go to, and a handful of places to apply to in my travelz this week.

Also, the Vancouver Canucks are one game away from winning the Stanley Cup! It won't be on home ice if it's tomorrow, but if it stretches to Game 7, it will on Sunday night. I haven't watched all the games due to lack of money and other conflicting schedules, but have been following closely. Vancouver has been my main pick for the Western Conference for a few months now, and I'm very excited to see them win it!

Here's hoping for some victory for both the Canucks and my stupid endless freaking epic jobsearch this week!

Putting all my wizardly energy & good intent into manifesting better thingz!



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Jun. 13th, 2011 03:44 pm (UTC)
When I see Wizard stuff I think of you. Hoping t be around in Seattle when you are back of before you leave.
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