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back in our used-to-be | into the future!

...but they're so much FUN! :D

me: hey man guy :)
renegadeapes: Thats man PERSON to you! ;)
me: haha ok
whatever floatz yer boat :)
whatcha doin up so late?
renegadeapes: I have a boat!? :X
me: we all have boats
in Rainbow Unicorn Land :D
renegadeapes: I'm awake, hoping, secretly (or not so secretly) that I dont have class in the morning.
Rainbows AND unicr0nz?!
me: absolutely
anything is possible in your ...
me: ~*ImAgInAtIoN*~
renegadeapes: this sounds ASTOUNDING.
me: you can go any time you want!
renegadeapes: lol
I feel that you're making this up at this point.
me: nope
imagination is real
renegadeapes: Oh, is it?
me: define real
and prove to me that perception isn't reality
or imagination is less "real" than the keyboard you are typing on
renegadeapes: By definition, one persons perception is absolute reality until weighed against reason & facts.
HOWEVER, science, that kindly wizard, PWNZ PHACE
me: define "facts". :)
renegadeapes: A fact is anything that is empirical evidence. A hard truth that cannot, with in a reasonable mind, be denied.
me: I reject your definition
with Wizardly Authority
renegadeapes: Hrm. See the above!
me: human beings invest far too much belief in supposed hard truths as well as religious myths
people who believe gravity is real also believe some Great Thou Shalt Not in the sky got nailed to a piece of wood and died for them thousands of years ago
they believe one is just as real as the there
just indifferent ways
i think trying to define reality is the ultimate folly f humankind and shuts us off from enjoying and experiencing fully
so yes
you have a boat
if you want one :)
that boat exists
even if its just in your mind or in mine
and just because we do not have a formula or instruments to quantify or explain it
doesn't mean it does not exist
because evolution & scientific progress suggests that we could have the ability to do so at some future time
the world is full of infinite possibilities!
and Rainbow Unicorn Land is as real as my geeky white arse.
renegadeapes: lol!
Heres my take on it.
renegadeapes: God and gravity, while both very real potentialities, are by their introduction to our consciousness(as a species) so vastly separated by the chasm of logic that to put them together is, simply ridiculous.
However, it has been proven that gravity does /something/.
me: faith also does things
renegadeapes: Where as god(s?) is(are) still a figment of imagination or perhaps at best, of a quantum nature and there by, currently unknowable.
me: very interesting and often quantifiable things
there are plenty of psychological tests that have results just as "concrete" and empirical as any that prove the existence of gravity
and that have been done on patients with chronic illness, for example
who have a strong religious faith as opposed to those who do not
and in terms of how their disposition and brainwaves and brain chemistry function throughout their illness
and their %ages of recovery
there's a difference
these things can be measured
renegadeapes: Caveat!!
me: sorry for the shit typing. my brain is too excited :D
renegadeapes: Tests and measures are scientific! Which means quantifiable! And therefore factual!
me: yeah
thats my point
you can prove that things are "real" with tests that show "facts"
but in that case you are proving that belief is real and therefore has quantifiable results
so if belief in a thing makes that thing real
then anything is possible
renegadeapes: And belief is real. Its Psychosomatic. People have manifested BURNS. Physical damage.
me: yeah
thus proving my point further
reality is perception
renegadeapes: But that doesn't mean I'm going to materialize a boat ;)
me: See Also: Self Limiting Behaviours
you can materialize it in your imagination
and if the desire fueling it becomes strong enough
with money, tools, and/or skill
you will materialize a boat
renegadeapes: But those are concrete things that are the machinations of a human working within his world.
me: yeah
me: how is that less of a manifestation?
renegadeapes: At some point you have to wonder which part is mental and which part is physical? A manifestation implies a non physical action.
me: not necessarily
i think anything that brings an idea in someones mind into being in a more physical sense is a manifestation
and usually that takes hard work!

...just some things to think about. not saying i'm either "right" or "wrong". :)



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