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Given to Fly...

On bended knee is no way is no way to be free...
Liftin' up an empty cup, I ask silently
if all my destinations will accept the one that's me...
So I can breathe...

Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere...
Underneath my being is a road that disappears
Late at night, I hear the trees; they're singin' with the dead...

~~Eddie Vedder

Man, I love that song. I've probably made reference to it more than any other Vedder/PJ song in existence.

I'm on the plane now, so I'll post this when we land. We should be starting the descent into Seattle shortly. All I can see are stars now... it's pretty cool. :D

London tried calling when I was at the airport in Denver. I didn't answer. He's probably pissed that I left the leaky waterbed for him to deal with. Now he can know how it feels: It sucks ass to be repeatedly told one thing, only to have someone either not follow thru, or do something else entirely that clearly shows no consideration. He deserved at least one taste of his own medicine, after I had to keep choking it down for months. I'm not the only one here who's going to chalk this whole thing up as being ~A Learning Experience~ [Translation: No more Mr. Nice Gwyzard. He can eat a dick.]

I took the shop vac back to Matt's house, and got rid of the attachments to hook the hose up to the waterbed. London's gonna have his hands full, figuring out that conundrum. I hope Jess comes over to help him deal with it, and henceforth becomes a total shit show... Hahahahaa...

"And not a single fuck was given that day."

Brandon said something wonderful to me last night, especially since it was coming from someone who's known me for half my life, and for better or worse, never says things about people that he doesn't mean. "Gwyn, you have a BAD habit of dating in the minors, when you are a major league kinda person." He shocked me with that... and I realized that he's right. So right it made me feel just a tad ridiculous. I'll definitely be keeping his words in mind as I move forward thru life.

The journey so far has been wonderful. :) This morning was the craziest headless chicken dash I've ever done in my life! Eddie was a massive help & drove me all around getting shit done. I had to leave a few things behind for Matt to pick up, and just plain lave a few things behind. I wasn't too pleazed, but they're just things. All the important stuff is on its way out here, #1 being my hermit crabs. The little d00dz are in a container at my feet right now, nomming on banana bits. They have gone from "WTF IS GOING ON?!" to "OK This Is Weird..." to "Can This Be Over Now Plz?" and are doing very well, all things considered.

Frontier Airlines = Rad az Shit! :D Super smooth ride, charming flight attendants who take better care of people than any other airline I've flown on, and warm chocolate chip cookies before landing. <3! What more could you ever ask for?! haha...

As we took off from Philly, a huge cloud of FNARRRGGHH seemed to just fall from my body. I took a few deep dreaths & felt myself relax on so many levels... it felt like a sped-up version of the slow peeling off of existential mind-shit that I felt during the roadtrip.

"It's alright, it's alright...
For me it begins at the end of the road..."

Also: For the past 3 days when I woke up, the first thing I thought of was NOT Andy. I was thinking something like "ugh, so tired, still so much to do" or "Yay I woke up to hugs from Eddie & it's my last day here!"

Hail, Eris.

...she said sarcastically, while giving the finger.

I am going to do SO MUCH BETTER out in Seattle, in every possible way.



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