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Update Before Heading Out

I'm feeling extra Welsh today. I wanna go eat some Shepherd's Pie & drink dark beer & sing of Gwydion & Owain's adventures. Not sure why. Just sayin'.

It didnt ice up all that badly, so the one day I was really hoping for the weather to allow me to stay in bed, it didn't. Oh well, I need to be gone by the end of today, anyhow. After working with Dad I'll need to get some coffee & head back here to really crank thru the last of the packing.

As usual, there's been stupid drama... I think it always gets worse this time of year with the crap wather & people not having a whole lot better to do. And as usual, my main problem is that I care too damn much, and after months of taking too much shit from people & not speaking up about things like I always prided myself on, I have opened my mouth again. Technically, it was none of my bizness; I'll admit to that. But it involved 3 people I would like to not see get hurt or needlessly involved in a drama shitshorm. And one of those people is more or less going to be an innocent victim who does not deserve this in the least. So people can be angry with me all they want for infringing upon their childish fantasies & inconsiderate behaviours. God forbid I tell someone to grow up or another that they can do better. Real friends tell you THE TRUTH.

I will NEVER apologize for warning good people that they are walking into a danger zone. And anyone who feels differently about this can go fuck a goat. Or in this specific case, a Big Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn. (don't ask)

In other n00z at this hour: I'm seeing snow in the forecast for Friday. I look forward to discovering, in a month or so, how many new grey hairz that worrying about my flight being delayed has caused. At least I have 2 friends that work at Philly International, so if I get held up, I can probably go say hai to them. I'm also worried about my hermit crabs coming on the plane with the new, non-improved TSA rules, but someone who knows gave me some advice for that.

Overall, things are coming along... I didn't sell a lot of the things I'd hoped to make some $ on, but have a decent chunk coming my way from one last gig + my tax return. As far as I know, my W2 should arrive at my new place next week. My old boss got back to me yesterday & wished me luck. :)

Things I Have Learned Recently/Guidelines for Seattle:

1.) Have fun & keep things simple.
2.) Don't fuck any more evil wizardz.
3.) Focus on my own life, getting a job, etc before worrying about *anything* else.
4.) Get more excersize and attempt to establish a sleep schedule. This shouldn't be too hard with all the walking I'll be doing. :)
5.) Almost everybody's cheering me on & wishing me the best. And for the few that aren't, fuck 'em.
6.) Enjoy how welcoming & awesome people are being towards me so far, but remember that drama can happen anywhere & trust is a thing to be earned. Keep both eyes open.
7.) Keep the steampunk element in life, play guitar more, find people to make stuff with rather than just hang out, and take it all with a grain of salt.
8.) That being said, don't let anything hold you back. Don't be afraid of getting close to people. Go with the flow.

I have a few dates & hangouts set up, people I'm looking forward to seeing again or meeting for the first time, shows to look forward to, and generally a whole new life ahead of me. The last time I felt anywhere near this fresh & optimistic was after graduating from Full Sail.

It's still going to take me longer to heal from the past several months than I'd like to be the case... but what's the hurry? Th wounds that feel really deep right now will fade into the background once I'm gone from here. It happened before, it will happen again.

And now, to deal with Northeast Philly for the LAST TIME.

w00t unto that!!!


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